What is  ?

LETSDo is a notes, productivity and social networking platform designed for those who wish to live life with greater purpose. 

At our core, reside five filing systems in which everything across one's life may be filed, and that define a set of processes — that may determine what we do, who we are and ultimately ... who we are to become. 

Like the shopkeeper who places apples with other apples, and oranges with other oranges, so that we are that much more primed to reach for fruit. … Life then suddenly becomes more actionable, and we are all likely to emerge that much more productive. 

With LETSDo, this vertical hierarchy for storing most of life’s everything — eventually with as much as specificity as a user may prefer, begins at the top in that LETSDo is an acronym. 


     Let us Learn, Experience, Think, Say and Do 

May our platform serve as a reminder that learning is lifelong, that we all may work towards more effective communication, and that — if perhaps we may manage to get away from life's many distractions — we may just use that time to plan more fully as well as take greater action.

Please watch this short video coming soon ! ...